About me

Welcome! I am currently pursuing Ph.D. study. Before that, I was a COVID-19 research team leader in the BIG DATA & AI Lab at IntelligentRabbit LLC. Besides, I was a machine learning engineer at Tianjin Value Fair Technology Inc in China for NLP-based financial application development for public company annual reports in 2017. I have earned my master’s degree in Data Science in 2018 and a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering at Aeronautical Engineering direction in 2014. I am also a Data Science volunteer at DataKind Global, having served Goolge AI Impact Challenge in 2019 and data.org Growth and Recovery Challenge for COVID-19 in 2020. In 2016, I achieved a certification from Google Developer StudyJams on Android mobile app in Java.

My research works have been published in International Journal of Society Systems Science, International Journal of Data Science (Elsevier index), International Journal of Operations Research and Information Systems, International Journal of Decision Science, International Journal of Data Analysis and Information Systems and IGI Global. I had done research on fake news and misinformation detection, anti-Asian hater profile and geographical analysis, anti-Asian hate indicator establishment, smart ship, the relationship between Bitcoin and stock market, AI music generation, image diagnosis on skin cancer, region-based bird call recognition, face mask detection, and etc.

Recently, I am conducting two studies. One is on COVID-19 vaccine confidence analysis in a global scale through textual and visual sentiments detected from the user-generated contents on Instagram. The other is to predict human biomarkers, such as heart rate, through generating emotional features on tweets and applying wearable technology.

I have taught courses in Mobile App Development and Python Programming in AI at BIG DATA & AI Lab at IntelligentRabbit LLC. As an Instructor at GEC academy, I have taught Academic Writing course for AI HUB and Intro to Java course for general class in undergraduate and graduate levels.


  • Oct 2023, served as Paper Reviewer for the ACM (Association of Computing Machinery) CHI conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems.
  • Jun 2023 - Aug 2023, did Summer Research Intern at Research Foundation at SUNY.
  • Jun 2023, my short paper was accepted by Health Resilience Workshop under the ACM SIGCHI on Designing Interactive Systems 2023 Conference. [PDF]
  • Feb 2023, my poster proposal was accepted by Human-computer Interaction (HCI) International 2023.
  • Feb 2023, attended Art-of-the-Possible Webinar: The Power of Data Science for Social Impact, organized by DataKind Global.
  • Jun 2022, attended Data+AI Summit 2022, organized by Databricks.
  • Nov 2021, attended Samsung AI Forum, organized by Samsung.
  • Sep 2021, attended Virtual DataDive Event 2021, organized by DataKind Global.
  • Jul 2021, my co-authored paper on anti-Asian hate on Twitter was selected as finding news by Indersceicne Research. [link]
  • Jun 2021, multiple technology media reported my fake news research, including Techxplore, TechiLive.in, News AZI, News8Plus etc.
  • Jun 2021, my first-author paper on COVID-19 fake news and misinformation was selected as finding news by Inderscience Research. [link]
  • Oct 2020, attended 2020 IDEAS Global AI Conference, organized by International Data Engineering and Science Association.
  • Jul 2020, attended ALife 2020, organized by Internaltional Society for Artificial Life.
  • Jun 2020, awarded ALife Student Scholarship by ALife 2020 organizing committee.
  • Jul 2014, awarded Third Prize of 2014 Cross-Strait Contest of Outstanding Bachelor’s Degree Thesis (10/15, among China Mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan) by Chinese Institute of Industrial Engineering.